DR is referring to domain regulations for websites on our server.

DR.1 Domain’s not purchased on our server maybe canceled without notice by chechwebsites please refer to your domain company for more information.

DR.2. Domains bought on the chechwebsite billing portal which can be found at www.chechwebsites.com/whmcs will not contain your personal whois who info for the first year after the first year it can cost up to an additional $10.

DR.3 Domains that are hacked are not our responsibility unless purchased on the billing portal (if you purchased your domain name we will do an investigation and try our best to get it back we cannot promise any results) (please note domain names are not your website content please refer to wc on website content hacks)

DR.4 If you purchased your domain name on the billing portal we do not offer refunds of any kind.

DR.5 If at some point you decide to change your domain name for any reason additional charges maybe be applied.

WC is referring to website content on your website that is located on our server.

Wc.1 All images on your website you must provide us unless you hired a Blast Off With Us website graphic designer. (or purchased image research package)

Wc.2 All passwords on your website are private we are not responsible for any website hacks.

Wc.3 If you for whatever reason you decide to sell your website please provide us with the buyer’s name, email and phone number please refer to hr for more information.

Wc.4 All revisions on your website are free until your website is complete.

Wc.5 Any images that you might get off google including but not limited to text we are not responsible for copyright infringement we have the impression that you have the proper rights to the images or text you are using.

Wc.6 We are not responsible for any website hacks that might occur on your website we do our absolute best to keep security our number one priority however we cannot guarantee your website will not be affected by a hacker (we have not had any occurrence and plan to keep it that way)

Wc.7 When we are creating your website YOU must provide us with any text or images you want on your site.

Wc.8 Please allow up to four weeks for us to complete your website. ( unless rush fee is applied) 

Wc.9 We will not display Your website as pervious work we have complete unless you give us consent to do so.

Wc.10 We Are not responsible for website mistakes made by server error or accidental deletion of any content.

Wc.11 We Are not responsible for website back ups please keep a copy of your own website back up’s.

HR refers to hosting regulations

Hr.1 All website created and are put on our server need to pay a hosting fee failure to pay the monthly fee will result in a website suspension until payment is completed.

Hr.2 We reserve the right to take anybody off our sever with a 24 hour notice.

Hr.3 We will not back up any of your information without your permission. (we cannot store any of your info a download link will be provide to you it is your job to keep a copy of all content this can also be done in cpanel)

Hr.4 Cpanel’s have private information and have VERY sensitive information if you give somebody your panel password to any one unauthorized please change it right away and let a member of the Blast Off With Us team know right away.

Hr.5 You might be asked at a later date to update name servers if you need assistance with this step please contact us and we will gladly assistance you.

TR refers to theme regulations.

Tr.1 Upon buying a website you will be given your own custom theme you do not own the theme if you sell your website you only own the content such as text pictures logo’s products and some custom code that we make and provide on your website.

Tr.2 All website footers are going to contain a slogan at the bottom of your website that states “Copyright © 2022 All rights reserved. The website is built and powered by Chech Websites” (unless you pay for branding removal).

Tr.3 We reserve the right to deny any theme without giving a reason why.

Cp refers to commination policy.

Cp.1 Any and all text is confidential between you and chechwebsites and it’s employees.

Cp.2 We do not take any responsibility for any hacked emails or email account(s) that carry sensitive information that gets intercepted by another party.

Cp.3 for more information regarding commination policy please see our privacy policy

Gdr is referring to graphic design regulations

Gdr.1 You own any photo that we make you however we might use parts of your logo (font, style, effects, etc) or photo (royalty free photos) or all of your logo or photo(s) in other work we create unless or until you have the artwork trademarked and copyrighted. We will need to see proof and verification. This is to protect our clients.

Gdr.2 We offer unlimited revision to any work we create this does not apply to work that has been marked as complete.

Gdr.3 Please give us as many and all ideas on any work that you might have in mind for your brand. You know your product best. If you are not satisfied with one of our pieces of graphic work that we make you, please contact us so we can design it to your liking.

Gdr.4 We cannot use images off google that you send us any and all material you send us we have the assumption that you have gotten the proper rights to use the material or that is royalty free property. There are plenty of websites that offer royalty free imagery, if you need recommendations feel free to ask.

Gdr.5 We reserve the right to deny any request for any image we wish not to create.

Dt is referring to deposit regulations

Dt.1 You maybe asked to place a deposit on a website or piece of graphic work that we create you.

Dt.2 Most all deposit are non-refundable if we make a deposit refundable you will get a email stating that we have made your deposit refundable. (at time of purchase)

Dt.3 We hold the right to cancel any project at anytime for any reason. if this is to occur we will notify you immediately  if we deem the deposit refundable we will refund it at this time

RR is referring to refund regulations

RR.1 We do not offer any refunds what so ever after a website or graphic image is marked as complete.

RR.2 If at any point you want to terminate your contract with chechwebsites please let us know after your website has been marked as complete you will owe the remain balance. (please note all website or graphic work bought from chechwebsites require a deposit)

RR.3 Accessories that we buy such as but are not limited to domain’s, SSL, 3rd party graphic work and any other material that cost us money out of pocket is a cost we charge you in the price and cannot be transfer or given away.

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